My courses offer practical, step-by-step guidance on complex and technical matters, and will always be as interactive as possible. 

Face-to-face training can be a really effective method of getting information across to groups of staff or volunteers in many situations, but at other times that kind of arrangement won’t work particularly well in meeting the needs of an organisation. To provide a range of learning solutions, I specialise in offering online training courses.

The beauty of this type of session is that it can provide an individual with the information that they need to fulfil their role, but in a way that’s flexible to them. They can access an online training course whenever and wherever it is convenient for them (provided they have an internet connection), rather than having to physically attend a venue at a specified time. There’s also the option to complete the course in stages if that person wishes or needs to, as the content is provided in bite-sized lessons, taking each learner through a topic step-by-step.

And for an organisation that’s needing to arrange training for its staff or volunteers, there are numerous benefits:

  • They can pay for my online training on a per-user basis, which is a more cost effective option if only a small numbers of people are needing to be trained, or where those individuals may be based in a number of locations so additional costs would be incurred to bring them together for a face-to-face session;
  • It avoids the logistical nightmare of trying to make sure there’s a date that a whole group can attend a training course on, as every person that needs training can do it at a time that suits them; and
  • The organisation can minimise risk when it comes to compliance with the law. By enrolling staff members on my online induction training as soon as they start in their role, the organisation can ensure those individuals have the information they need to carry out their role in a compliant way, rather than having to wait until enough new people have joined the organisation to pay for a trainer to come in and deliver a group session.

Online training can be used alongside face-to-face sessions as part of a blended learning approach, so the options for individuals and organisations are many!

Here are some sample images of what my online training looks like. These images specifically relate to my online data protection (GDPR) courses, and you can find out more about those here