My consultancy support focusses on presenting complex or technical information in formats that help to make that information easier to understand than it might ordinarily be. A topic that isn’t usually deemed to be very interesting, or is thought to be difficult to comprehend, can seem much more accessible if it is set out in a way that breaks the detail down into manageable sections and looks visually appealing. 

Information may need to be shared with a range of audiences, such as your members of your staff team, trustees, volunteers, service users or customers, and examples of what I could create for you include:

Support spelled with Scrabble Tiles

  • infographics which summarise the practical implications of a new regulation/system that is being introduced
  • checklists or guidance documents for detailed processes that need to be carried out, such as steps to be followed when conducting a data audit; and
  • handouts and additional resources to be used by trainers during their courses or alongside them.

I work with a range of organisations and businesses, differing in size and structure, so I am experienced in adapting to my clients’ varying needs and services as required. If the matter you need assistance with isn’t listed here, please do still get in touch as I may be able to help.